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Progressive public relations, media buying, media communications and social media for the outdoor industry

Traditions Media is a progressive public relations, media buying, media communications and social marketing team, laser-focused on power-branding and influencer marketing strategies. What’s with the name? Because no matter how smart our phones get or how many social media platforms bounce big-brother-broadcasts off the moon; real, lasting relationships and communications will always come down to a handshake…and maybe a beer…in a boat or blind. That’s the Tradition in Traditions Media.

We hike, but only to be closer to the game (or our trucks break down). We climb, but will never summit anything above a huntable treelike. Now fishing, hunting and shooting at stuff? That’s right there in our wheelhouse. We can communicate outdoors information to outdoorsy folks lickety-split and with the gusto that is only Traditions Media. And when our partners grow, we’re uncorking rare single malts and lighting big cigars right along with them.

Force Multiplier

Traditions Media not only brings critical media communications and content creation to the dance; our activities bolster existing marketing efforts. We call it “force multiplying,” and it’s deadly… and decidedly effective.

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Win. The only scoreboard we know is the cash register

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RAYMARINE: Perpetual Clarity

      Perpetual Clarity   Captain Sam Sutton relies on Element for the clearest pictures of his underwater office     Captain Sam Sutton was born and raised in…

LIVETARGET: Hottest Craw on the Water!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                 LIVETARGET Sets New Standard for Realism   The paradigm-shifting Hollow Body Craw has jig & pig and tube fans…

Z-MAN: A Simple Fish-Catching Plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gussy gives the official bass-thumbs-up. A Simple Fish-Catching Plan  New Z-Man® TicklerZ™ tones down fanfare, maximizes bites LADSON, SC (June 4, 2019) – Sometimes, the most alluring…

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