BRADFORD, Penn. (January 20, 2020) – The Case name is part of a legacy in American knife making, the roots of which can be traced back to before the turn of the 20th century when four brothers – Gene, Andrew, John and William Russell – began fashioning knives and selling them along a wagon trail in upstate New York. Since then, W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company was formed, and has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the longest-running American knife manufacturers.

Case knives have been carried in every major U.S. war effort and even onboard Apollo 11, when mankind first walked on the moon. Today, the Case brand remains a beloved symbol of American tradition, offering high-quality knives from its only factory in Bradford, Pennsylvania, crafted by a workforce of some of the most skilled cutlers in the business. Indeed, Case has earned its place as a favorite of knife collectors from around the world.

NEW Case® Bose Locking Lanny’s Clip

Made in the USA, the NEW Case® Bose Locking Lanny’s Clip is loaded with premium features including flat taper ground and satin finished 154-CM stainless steel blades, fluted steel bolsters, specially milled liners, and a stainless “pawn” shaped shield that completes each beautifully crafted knife. A joint effort with renown knife maker Tony Bose, who has collaborated with Case to produce high quality, durable knives with a custom look and feel for over 20 years, this lockback is a real workhorse. It’s an especially good choice for skinning and other two-handed tasks, and its mid-lock design provides extra security. The blade is easy to pull, an ergonomic handle that’s flared at the back ensures a good grip, and a classic leather pouch protects your investment. With a slim design that measures 4” (closed), it’s big enough to get things done and small enough that it doesn’t feel like a potato in your pocket. The NEW Case® Bose Locking Lanny’s Clip is available in six styles including: Chestnut Bone (08834), Case 6.5 Bonestag® (08835), Smooth Abalone (08836), Smooth Ebony Wood (08836), Brown Bone (08837) and Black Canvas Laminate (08840). MSRP Range: $482.99 – $716.99.

NEW Case® Winkler Pack Axe

The Case Winkler Pack Axe is the newest offering in the Case® American Heroes Series and a vital tool for those who thrive in the great outdoors or pride themselves on mastering survival skills and the challenges of wilderness adventure. It was co-designed by Kevin Holland, a survival expert with over 2,000 combat missions across the globe as a U.S. Navy Seal and an elite member of U.S. Special Operations. The Pack Axe is built for tough work, survival excursions and heavy use. Ideal for serious outdoors survivalists, weekend campers or those who simply enjoy cutting their own path, it features a durable design built around a single 3/8” (95 mm)-thick piece of 80CrV2 carbon steel that eliminates the cracks, splinters and other common weaknesses of traditional wooden-handled axes. Super sharp out of the box, the Pack Axe’s cutting edge is ideal for clearing branches, making kindling, reducing wooden debris and a variety of other chopping, splitting and clean-up operations. Its blunt hammer end increases versatility and excels at pounding stakes, driving nails, tapping rocky terrain or tackling small-scale demolitions. Easy to handle, the right-sized Pack Axe measures 15” (38.1 cm) in length and weighs 26 oz. (737 g) – big and heavy enough to get the job done, yet small and light enough to easily pack on your next great adventure. MSRP: $499.99

NEW Case® Pocket Hunter

Originally introduced in 2001, the Pocket Hunter has been in the Case Vault for several years. Now back for 2020, this fun and popular entry is once again the envy of pockets everywhere. The Pocket Hunter folding knife’s 2-3/4” closed length makes it the perfect-sized utility knife for simple everyday tasks like opening letters and boxes or field tasks such as cutting fishing line or fashioning a lanyard. Of course, it’s great for skinning birds and small game, too. The knife’s design was inspired by the popular Case Folding Hunter (’65 pattern) that has been part of the Case line for decades. The first offerings will feature more than a dozen handle styles with stainless steel clip and skinner blades (or clip blade only) plus nickel silver bolsters. A simple, compact and efficient high-quality utility knife, the Pocket Hunter makes a great gift or a worthy addition to one’s own personal collection. But don’t wait; it folds back into retirement at the close of 2020. The NEW Case® Pocket Hunter is available in these initial handle styles: Smooth Natural Curly Maple (25941), Standard Jig Raspberry Bone (27723), Smooth Chestnut Bone (28907), Jigged Buffalo Horn (65227), Case 6.5 Bonestag (65321), Smooth Yellow Synthetic (81093), Genuine Stag (05621), Pocket Worn® Corn Cob Jig Harvest Orange Bone (07398), Red Stag (09582), Peach Seed Jig Amber Bone (10727), Smooth Abalone (12021), Sawcut Jig Clover Bone (23211), Ichthus Smooth Ice Blue Synthetic (23386), Sparxx™ Blue Pearl Kirinite® (23439), Sawcut Jig Caribbean Blue Bone (25591). MSRP Range: $54.99 – $158.99.

These new 2020 models will be available for purchase from Case authorized dealers and online at beginning in January, 2020. Others will follow throughout the year.

NEW Case® Tang Stamp Series

As early as the Case Brothers began making knives during the late 19th century, they were also methodically scrawling symbolic designs into their blades. These unique markings became known as “tang stamps”. Collectively, the engravings found on the center bolsters of these nine new Tang Stamp Series knives document a timeline of tang stamps that span 100 years of knives bearing the Case name. Featuring Tru-SharpTM surgical steel blades and distinctive Peach Seed Jigged Green Bone handles, each eye-popping knife in the 2020 Tang Stamp Series includes a unique tang stamp on its lustrous center bolster – laser embellished for the most accurate representation – that

was used during a specific timespan of Case manufacturing. Together, this beautiful collection of knives forms a pictorial timeline of Case craftsmanship. Tear Drop / Tested XX Era (21510), Trapper / Case XX Era (21511), Medium Stockman / Case XX USA Era (21512), Mini Trapper / 1970 Era (21513), Canoe / 1980 Era (21514), Medium Texas Toothpick / 1990 Era (21515), Saddlehorn / 2000 Era (21516), Russlock® / 2010 Era (21517), and Stockman / 2020 Era (21518) models will be available for individual purchase. MSRP Range: $83.99 – $102.99.

A special commemorative Tang Stamp Series Mint Set will also be offered, with each knife individually serialized on the pocket-end bolster. The knives are housed in a handsome wooden-framed shadow box that will beautify any room. The Mint Set also contains a genuine Case collectible medallion and an official certificate of authenticity. MSRP: $1,083.99.

Individual Case Tang Stamp Series knives will be available for purchase from Case authorized dealers and online at beginning in April, 2020. The commemorative mint set is expected to begin shipping in June, 2020.



W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of premium knives that are built on a legacy of quality and perseverance. Based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Case’s offerings cover a wide range of product categories, from traditional folding pocket knives to fixed-blade sporting knives. Case employees craft knives with integrity for people with integrity, and that legacy continues today. Case is owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the world-famous Zippo® windproof lighter. Call (800) 523-6350 or visit for more information. You can also follow Case (@WRCase) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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