Bring on 30-Below Zero! 

Fish Monkey® applies futuristic technology to new Yeti Series Premium Ice Fishing Gloves 

Destin, FL (July 10, 2019) – If ever an angler truly required high-level hand protection, Northern Minnesota ice fishing guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl would be that man. During a frozen-water fishing season that spans nearly five sub-freezing months, Bro does his best to keep his hands under wraps. But after decades of frostbite and numb fingertips on the frozen tundra, the legendary ice angler has finally sworn off a mountain of insufficient ice-gloves for good.

Last year, Bro found the perfect fit and a glove design worthy of a Northcountry winter—Fish Monkey’s Yeti Premium Ice Fishing Glove.

“What convinced me go all in on Fish Monkey was wearing a pair of their Pro 365 Guide Glove all last summer and falling in love with their fit, hand-protection and freedom-of-movement. The gloves perform like they were designed by an angler, which they were. I suspected their ice fishing gloves might be equally special, and I was right.”

Few phone calls later, Bro connected with Fish Monkey president and owner, Tim Mossberg. Before long, the two fishermen became friends, engaging in detailed confabs about the minutiae of ice glove design—and heady concepts like ergonomics, thermo-conductivity and selective permeability.

“I’ve worked with a lot of talented glove and ice apparel engineers over the years,” Bro admits. “It would be hard to image anyone more passionate or knowledgeable about fishing gloves as Tim. Safe to say, Fish Monkey is fishing gloves.”

After testing and torturing numerous prototypes and gripping untold numbers of hand-slashing pike and walleyes, Bro and Mossberg finally put the ultimate ice fishing glove into production.

From the inside-out, both the Yeti Premium Ice Fishing Glove and Mitten utilize a select Thermo-Conductive inner coating that transfers, absorbs and retains your own body heat back into hands and fingers.

“This one element alone makes the Yeti the most advanced ‘extreme conditions’ ice fishing glove ever tailored,” says Mossberg. “The lining itself is a high-grade fleece, but you’ll note the grey printed pattern on the fleece itself. This is actually a type of ceramic dust that absorbs heat from your hand. Think of it like a rock sitting beside a campfire. The ceramic material then transfers the heat throughout the glove and into your fingers, so your hand does not have to work as hard to stay warm. It’s an exclusive Fish Monkey glove technology first used very successfully in high-end outerwear, and ice anglers are going to love it.”

Moving to the mid layer, Fish Monkey strategically placed 350g and 150g Thinsulate™ and Advanced Cotton Insulation to the back of the hand and palm, respectively.

To beat back the most punishing winter elements, the Yeti glove and mitten employ advanced water- and wind-proof fabrics. “The outer liner uses HIPORA 100-percent waterproof technology—essentially a three-layer membrane that prevents water from entering the glove while letting unwanted moisture out,” explains Mossberg. “This is the ultimate outer glove shell for the ice- and cold-weather angler.”

Finishing touches like a premium goat-leather palm deliver increased comfort and durability. The tough, pliable, slightly tacky palm augments your grip on fishing rods and auger-, ATV- and snowmobile-handles. The material is also easy on fish.

For optimal comfort and maximum finger dexterity, glove and mitten fingers feature pre-curvature to empower everyday fishing tasks. Adjustable wrist and cuff straps lock out the cold. Three other ice-angler-centric goodies include a well-placed goggle squeegee, thumb nose wipe material and touchscreen-compatible fingertip.

“Like all Fish Monkey fishing gloves, our goal with the Yeti was to maximize comfort, durability, protection and performance all at the same time,” Mossberg says. “It’s an intricate process involving close inspection of hand anatomy and how each part functions while performing routine fishing tasks. At the same time, you’re examining the parts of the hand and fingers most vulnerable to feeling the effects of the elements. Ultimately, we fortify, insulate and articulate at all key points. It’s the same multi-tier process that’s proven highly-effective with all our fishing glove designs.”

New for fall / winter 2019-20, the Fish Monkey Yeti Series Premium Ice Fishing Glove and Mitten (MSRP $89.95) feature Fish Monkey’s “Cold Busting Technology,” wrapping your hands in total warmth, dryness and comfort, leaving you to take your winter fishing to the next level. Look for Fish Monkey’s full line of angler-centric hand wear at your local retailer or visit www.fishmonkeygloves.com for more information.

The Fish Monkey Story

No one is sure where the Fish Monkey first appeared. Some said it was in the mountainous jungles of Guatemala near the old Mayan ruins at Tikal, or at the foot of the volcano they call Fuego. Others said it was on the beaches of Isla Mujeres, Mexico’s famed Isle of Women. Still others reported seeing the mysterious creature in other places around the world: Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica.

But all the reports had one thing in common: wherever there was good fishing, the Fish Monkey was there as well. It was reported to have a phenomenal grip, stronger and more secure than any human could ever have. No matter how slick or slimy, the Fish Monkey could handle the situation with ease.

With those legends in mind, the founders of Fish Monkey Performance Gloves set about to replicate that world-famous grip. Fish Monkey is the world’s premier manufacturer of gloves designed specifically for the water. Whether you’re on the deck of a sport-fishing boat wiring a thousand-pound blue marlin off Bermuda, casting jigs and poppers to giant trevally in the Pacific or poling a flats skiff in less than a foot of water off the Bahamas, Fish Monkey has a glove that’s designed just to fit your needs. Extremely durable, with padding in just the right places, and a fit like a second skin. Protection from sharp teeth and the sun. And all with that legendary Fish Monkey grip.

So when you demand the very best protection for your hands, reach for Fish Monkey Performance Gloves. Become part of the legend.


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