Big-Fish Freshwater Tackle Picks for the Holidays

Set up the anglers on your gift list with the hottest LIVETARGET Lures

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (December 11, 2019) – This past ICAST 2019 was proof that LIVETARGET has been at work developing some of most exciting and dynamic lure designs available today. After all, the company left the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show with three Best of Show awards amidst the glut of baits on display – proof positive that LIVETARGET Lures makes proven winners. So when looking for gifts sure to please the anglers on your list this holiday season, look no further than LIVETARGET. These lures win on the water, too, and are destined to up the odds when fishing bass, pike, and muskies.


LIVETARGET’s Injected Core Technology (ICT) has produced the ideal paddletail swimbait for realistic action and appearance. The Slow-Roll Shiner’s Inner-Core perfectly matches the appearance of a thin-profiled shiner, while the Exo-Skin generates a hard-thumping action that moves the whole bait body. The result is a life-like lure that creates a subtle yet enticing rolling action. The Slow-Roll Shiner is a great bait fished by itself and also makes a fantastic trailer for jigs and Chatterbaits. It’s available in three sizes and six forage-matching patterns. Buy now.


There’s never been a frog like LIVETARGET’s new Freestyle Frog, a versatile bait that draws strikes when fished both surface or sub-surface. LIVETARGET’s patent pending Injected Core Technology (ICT) is key to this soft lure’s versatility. The Inner-Core presents a life-like profile, while the Exo-Skin, with its upright V-shaped legs, gives the Freestyle Frog its tantalizing action to attract topwater predators. It’s available in three sizes and eight deadly patterns. Get them here.


The Ghost Tail Minnow uses LIVETARGET’s Injected Core Technology (ICT) to create an ultra-realistic dropshot bait unlike no other. The Inner-Core is anatomically precise and produces a vibrant metallic flash, while the Exo-Skin generates a finesse quivering action. The unique tail design creates emulates the movement of a small minnow, while helping the bait track straight while swimming or in current. Anglers can choose from three sizes and six enticing patterns. Available here.


Form meets function in the 2018 ICAST award-winning LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw. By strategically aligning two distinct lure families (hollow bodies and jigs), this lure set a new standard in crawfish imitations. The hollow carapace offers more than just a snag resistant design; anglers can squeeze scent inside the hollow cavity for a long-lasting trail. The hollow body also emits tiny bubbles when the lure lands on bottom. It’s excellent to use as a football jig or cover jig, comes with replacement pincers and is available in three sizes and eight dynamic craw-imitating patterns. Get some here!


LIVETARGET bridged the tradition of old spoon craftsmanship with a new generation of tech-savvy production to create the first-ever anatomically precise spoon; the Erratic Shiner. Excelling in both ice and open-water applications, the lure has a life-like Inner-Core to create a pulsating vibrant flash and an Exo-Skin that produces an erratic wide-wobble, darting effect imitating an injured baitfish. While designed for long casts and trolling, the Erratic Shiner is also a great option for vertical jigging lake trout, steelhead, brown trout, bass and pike through the ice. It’s available in four sizes and 10 deadly patterns, including two glow options. Buy now.


The LIVETARGET Yellow Perch collection has become a staple to all hardcore anglers. Whether targeting bass, pike, or walleye, the jerkbait is a must-have for casting or trolling, shallow or deep. This speed-versatile bait is designed with an internal weight transfer that also acts as an attractive low-frequency rattle. The shallow model is an erratic jerkbait with suspending capabilities and is deadly for bass and pike. The jointed bait has an aggressive rolling action and is especially effective when trolled. The banana bait is ideal to slow troll for suspended fish or cast over submerged rocks with its tungsten weight transfer. For fans of large northern pike and muskies the 4-¾” YP115S suspending, YP115M floating, and various 6-¼” 158 models are recommended, which come in different diving ranges and weights to cover the entire water column. All models come in three patterns, including Natural/Matte, Metallic/Gloss, and Fluorescent/Matte. Buy now.


A realistic body profile combined with an anatomically accurate tail and coloration creates the incredibly life-like LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike. The Oscillator tail generates the natural swimming action of a young pike, making it irresistible to predatory pike and muskies. It’s factory rigged with twin extra-strong double hooks to maximize hook-up ratios and provide better balance without having to re-tune frequently. Hooks can also be turned upward or downward at the angler’s discretion, as the lure is designed with magnetic hook holders. The Juvenile Pike comes in two sizes, 8” and 3 -1/8 oz, and 11 ¼” and 8-5/8 oz, as well as two pike-matching patterns—metallic/green and matte/gold. Available here.

When it comes to fishing big predator bass, pike, and muskies, there is absolutely no such thing as too many baits in the box. Whether it’s the LIVETARGET Slow-Roll Shiner, Freestyle Frog, Ghost Tail Minnow, Hollow Body Craw, Erratic Shiner, Yellow Perch, or Juvenile Pike Swimbait, rest assured that you’re choosing gifts that will help the anglers in your life catch more big fish this upcoming season!

Happy Holidays and good fishing.



Since its launch in 2008, LIVETARGET has grown into a full family of life-like fishing lures that Match-the-Hatch® to specific game fish forage, with an expansive library of lure styles and colors for both fresh and saltwater fishing. The lures feature industry-leading designs in realism and workmanship that closely mimic nature’s different prey species. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, LIVETARGET won ICAST Best of Show awards in the hard and soft lure categories in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


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