Beyond the Shine

Unique ways anglers are using SRD20 products to keep their boats in tip-top shape

Lafayette, LA (March 27, 2024) – Another very exciting Bassmaster Classic is behind us, hopefully pulling anglers off the couch and onto the water for springtime bass bites. Farther south—and along both coasts—inshore and blue water anglers are doing what they do the entire calendar year, whether that means reds and seatrout or pelagics offshore.

No matter where or what you fish for, boating anglers all have one thing in common: How best to keep their investment looking good for the long haul.

There are countless cleaning products on store shelves, but only a handful specifically designed for marine use. That’s where SRD20 comes in – a complete “system” of cleaning and protective formulas designed to meet the boat care needs of anglers wherever they fish.

Besides use as a complete system to clean and protect your boat stem-to-stern, some anglers have found unique applications for SRD20 products that the innovators didn’t even intend.

A Typical Bass Boat

With several top finishes under his belt, collegiate bass angler, Evan Waggener, will be fishing the MLF Toyota Series this summer with plans to pursue professional bass fishing.

“I run an older 2008 Nitro Z9, which I’ve taken care of to make it neat, tidy, and looking new,” says Waggener. “Before every tournament I’ll do a deep clean with SRD20 Pink Soap followed by spraying SRD20 Graphene on the exterior to protect it while I’m on the road. Then, when I get off the water after a practice or tournament day, I’ll use their Waterless Wash & Wax to remove any grime from the day.”

Besides spraying Graphene on his boat exterior, he also uses it on his outboard to get rid of and prevent water spots.

“A lot of times when you’re tournament fishing and you set the boat down quickly, you get splashes on the back of the outboard. The Graphene keeps those water spots from showing up at the end of the day.”

Waggener adds: “But for my trolling motor, I use SRD20’s Vinyl Protectant. I run a Minn Kota Ultrex and I like to treat the side plates, foot pedal, and motor head to keep everything looking brand new. I’ve also started treating the motor shaft with it, which makes it nice and slick and keeps it from fading in the sun, especially the area around my forward-facing sonar. I also use the Vinyl Protectant on my boat seats and the plastic trim pieces that you’ll find on most bass boats, which will fade over time.”

Inshore & Offshore Use

Destin, Florida Fishing Captain of the Year 2020, Capt. Mark Hotze, runs both near shore and offshore trips via 30A Light Tackle Fishing Charters.

Prior to settling down in Florida, Hotze fished around the world—from Japan to Puerto Rico—amassing a vast angling skillset that focuses on fishing saltwater with light tackle.

“Seems like the fishing changes every six weeks or so, and we concentrate on whatever the best bite is. I’m out every day in my Everglades 243 center console, and the water down here is very tannic, so most boats develop a solid brown line on them at the water level. I like to pull up to the gas station with a big, shiny white boat.”

Prior to discovering SRD20, Capt. Hotze said he used “a lot of other waxes and a big rotary buffer and really went at it to the point it was hard holding on to the buffer.”

“With SRD20 Graphene, you just spray it on and wipe it off. In a matter of minutes, I was impressed how even the rough, beat-up spots came out looking good. Then I’ll follow up with the Waterless Wash & Wax. It might take a month for it to get really dirty now, so it protects, too. Like a lot of anglers, I used to stand at the boat ramp every day with a big bucket of soap and really brush the whole boat down. I hardly ever give it a freshwater rinse now.”

“And if I’m really lazy,” adds Hotze, “when I’m waiting to fill the boat up with 50 to 60 gallons of gas, I’ll go around looking for that little brown line and clean it with the Waterless Wash and Wax as I’m filling up.”

Vinyl Protectant application to Capt. Hotze’s trolling motor shaft makes for a silky deployment.

Besides the Graphene and Waterless Wash & Wax, Hotze’s also a fan of the Vinyl Protectant—not only for his cushions—but to keep his Minn Kota Riptide trolling motor looking and deploying at its best.

“Besides treating every square inch of the trolling motor, the application to the shaft keeps it looking new and makes it much easier to deploy, it really shoots out after application”

Capt. Hotze concludes: “The Vinyl Protectant is great for cleaning stuff around the boat like where the vinyl and rubber meets the glass of my console, which can get squeaky and fade over time. I coat the track of the windshield with the Vinyl Protectant and I’m good.”



Our decision to create products to clean and protect the surfaces of boats started years ago, tinkering with our boats, testing endless formulas. After years of discussions with boat owners about cleaning and protecting their boats, it was apparent that most were unhappy. It’s either too much work or the products just don’t perform. SRD20 products work, are easy to apply, and incorporate the newest technologies. Plus, all our products are made in the U.S.A.


Noel Vick

Traditions Media, LLC