From Tubular to Total Facial

Fish Monkey’s new Performance Face Guard features inventive tailoring and angler perks

Destin, FL (March 9, 2019) – Wear it and forget it’s there. That’s the overwhelming consensus from anglers who have already slipped a new face-protecting garment under their hats.

Fish Monkey, renowned for the “second skin fit” of its high-grade fishing gloves, recently released its equally comfortable Performance Face Guard. Concepted, crafted and tailored to the same exacting, angler-friendly standards as its popular Guide Series gloves, Fish Monkey’s Face Guard lightly cools the skin, while wrapping your face and neck in total sun-protection.

Performance Face Guard (Gray Water Camo)

Performance Face Guard (Voodoo Green)

Performance Face Guard (Blue Water Camo)

“Our designers worked alongside numerous professional anglers to improve upon all the deficiencies—and the generic, tubular shape— of those other sun gaiters,” said Tim Mossberg, president and founder of Fish Monkey Gloves. “The goal was to equip folks who spend time outdoors with a truly comfortable, functional Face Guard; something that protects and cools your skin, even though you don’t spend time thinking about it while you’re fishing.”

Surprisingly light, comfortable and functional, Fish Monkey Performance Face Guards utilize an advanced feather-weight polyester-spandex material, yielding all-day comfort and a perfect, non- burdening fit. Special 4-Way Stretch construction keeps the Guard firmly in place without slipping, while extra stitching in key areas gently hug each facial contour—neck to nose. The lightly fitted Face Guard also sports a flared-out bottom, providing total, unrestricted neck coverage, front and back.

Featuring Fish Monkey’s superior UPF 50+ Sun Protection Technology, the feather-light Face Guard material also keeps the angler’s skin cool and comfortable under the hottest sun. The super-breathable fabric offers a cooling effect, while an integrated laser-cut mouth pattern helps prevent sunglass fogging.

“One of the biggest issues with most face and neck protection is frosted fishing glasses,” notes Timmy Horton, Fish Monkey fan and professional Major League Fishing Tour angler. “We designed the Face Guard to literally breathe, providing a large, vented mouth zone. This feature allows for the total passage of exhaled air, reducing moisture and the fog that can otherwise obscure your eyewear. This Face Guard helps keeps your polarized glasses clear and in the game.”

“Anglers can safely leave the sunscreen at home,” adds Mossberg, “The Performance Face Guard’s total UPF 50+ sun protection completely safeguards their skin from the full spectrum of the sun’s damaging rays. The fabric is breathable and quick-drying, too, and when wet, the material actually offers a cooling effect on the skin.”

Fish Monkey’s new Face Guard defends your entire façade, keeping you cool, comfortable and fully protected from the sun. Available at outdoor retailers everywhere, the Fish Monkey Performance Face Guard (MSRP $22.95) flaunts fourteen radical colors, including new Voodoo Swamp patterns, individualized to put your best face forward.

The Fish Monkey Story

No one is sure where the Fish Monkey first appeared. Some said it was in the mountainous jungles of Guatemala near the old Mayan ruins at Tikal, or at the foot of the volcano they call Fuego. Others said it was on the beaches of Isla Mujeres, Mexico’s famed Isle of Women. Still others reported seeing the mysterious creature in other places around the world: Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica.

But all the reports had one thing in common: wherever there was good fishing, the Fish Monkey was there as well. It was reported to have a phenomenal grip, stronger and more secure than any human could ever have. No matter how slick or slimy, the Fish Monkey could handle the situation with ease.

With those legends in mind, the founders of Fish Monkey Performance Gloves set about to replicate that world-famous grip. Fish Monkey is the world’s premier manufacturer of gloves designed specifically for the water. Whether you’re on the deck of a sport-fishing boat wiring a thousand-pound blue marlin off Bermuda, casting jigs and poppers to giant trevally in the Pacific or poling a flats skiff in less than a foot of water off the Bahamas, Fish Monkey has a glove that’s designed just to fit your needs. Extremely durable, with padding in just the right places, and a fit like a second skin. Protection from sharp teeth and the sun. And all with that legendary Fish Monkey grip.

So when you demand the very best protection for your hands, reach for Fish Monkey Performance Gloves. Become part of the legend.


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