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Northland® Fishing Tackle spotlights lures and gear sure to please the anglers on your list.

BEMIDJI, Minn. (November 14, 2023) – “Nope, I’m good on fishing tackle.” Said no one, ever… Even the dad with more tackle than he could use in four lifetimes welcomes new lures under the tree. And to simplify the giving side, Northland is calling out their newest and most popular gear.

Rumble Bug 3 Micro (TROUT KIT)

Rumble Bug 3 Micro (CLEAR WATER KIT)

Rumble Bug 3 Micro (DIRTY WATER KIT)

Rumble Bug 3 Micro

Introduced in 2021, the original Rumble Bug became a quick sensation, producing solid catches of walleyes, bass, and outsized panfish. But anglers wanted more (or rather less). Something even smaller, crafted specifically for panfish and trout species. Northland responded with the new Rumble Bug 3 Micro.

A bonafide micro crankbait – at only 1/8 oz. and 1-3/8 inches – the featherweight balsawood lures are handcrafted using a unique Heat Compression Molding process (HCM). With this method, two full-length halves of the lure body are created and sealed together, allowing precision positioning of weights for optimal center of gravity, superior flotation at rest, better overall balance, longer casts, and a nice, tight action with just the right amount of roll.

The Rumble Bug 3 Micro is available in three-piece kits, each containing carefully curated colors. The first – TROUT – plays to the cannibalistic nature of adult trout. The others – CLEAR and DIRTY – were selected for their performances pertaining to water clarity.

$24.99 (3 pack)

Pitchin’ Puppet (GREEN PERCH)

Pitchin’ Puppet

The instant hit is back in stock. First available fall 2023, the Pitchin’ Puppet sold out in a New York minute. The good news? You can get them now!

For decades now, anglers have been using vertical jigging lures like the Northland Puppet Minnow® for casting—and with great success. Now, Northland has designed a bait specifically for the job. The Pitchin’ Puppet features a lead frame with an over-molded resin exterior and fin, giving it a lifelike translucent baitfish appearance with exceptional durability. When jigged, snapped, or ripped, the Pitchin’ Puppet darts and rolls to trigger strikes. A wide-gap rear hook – and absence of a front nose hook – make this lure perfect for darting across the bottom, and the split-ring connected treble hook keeps fish pinned all the way back to the boat.

Available in 3 sizes and 15 colors. MSRP $9.99

Eye-Candy Paddle Shad (BLUE BACK SHAD)

Eye-Candy Minnow (GLO FATHEAD)

Eye-Candy Grub (SUNRISE)


Northland’s Eye-Candy has been in development for over a year, the product name jokingly suggested by JMO host and veteran Devils Lake guide, Jason Mitchell. And it stuck. “Eye-Candy” perfectly sums up the soft plastic bait family, currently made up of five shapes in an almost endless array of walleye-specific colors.

Eye-Candy’s unique composition—a deviation from the typical PVC-type soft plastics—utilizes Super TPE material that’s ultra-stretchy, beyond tough, ultra-buoyant, absorbent, and incredibly long-lasting.

Before Eye-Candy, you couldn’t find a TPE-based walleye soft plastic in bright colors like pink and firecracker or natural colors like green pumpkin and black. An addendum to TPE’s durability is its sponginess and ability to hold scent.

Extreme durability. Buoyancy. Absorbent. Stretchy. That’s Northland’s new Eye-Candy.

Paddle ShadGrub, and Minnow now available. MSRP $7.99 (6-pack)

Tungsten Flat Fry Jig (SNEEZE)

NEW Tungsten Flat Fry Jig

New for 2023, the Tungsten Flat Fry Jig hangs at a 90-degree angle to imitate minnows or young-of-the-year panfish—favorite forage of perch, bluegill and crappies—a key presentation on pressured waters. Whether dressed with a microplastic, waxworms or spikes, or a small live minnow or minnow-meat, the resulting combo is deadly.

The Tungsten Flat Fly has a flat top to it—which is where the name comes from—and shows up extremely well on electronics. Tungsten itself fishes extremely heavy for its size, letting you fish smaller sizes in deeper water for bigger bites.

Comes in 11 different colors, ice anglers can choose from Glo Red, Glow Chartreuse, Gold (non-glow), Glo White, Fruit Fly (Glow), Tiger Beetle (Glow), Woodtick (Glow), Ladybug (Glow), Wonderbread (Glow), Purple Wonder (Glow), and Sneeze (Glow).

Available in 2 sizes. MSRP $6.99 (2 pack)

Forage Minnow Spoon (SUPER-GLO EXO BLUE)


Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon (SUPER-GLO EXO WHITE)

New Super-Glo Spoons

Northland is excited to bring anglers a bunch of new Super-Go patterns serious ice sticks have been requesting for years (and some entirely new options, too) in popular fish-catchers like the Buck-Shot Rattle SpoonBuck-Shot Coffin Spoon, and Forage Minnow Spoon.

“The new Super-Glo finishes are fantastic, even during the day, and they charge right off sunlight. And don’t think they’re only for fishing in low-light hours. There were times beta-testing them last winter when we out-fished anglers next to us by a huge margin—morning, day, evening, and night,” says veteran ice guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl.

Cabin Kit (Bass)

Cabin Kit (WALLEYE)

Cabin Kit (PANFISH)

Cabin Kits

Heading to the lake? Deciding what tackle to bring can be a mindbender. Northland makes it easy with their species-specific assortments. Available in PANFISHBASS, and WALLEYE Editions. $49.99

Red Lake Spoon Kit

Red Lake Ice Spoon Kit

Minnesota’s Upper Red Lake is the holy land for ice anglers. And, ironically, red patterns are righteous. Northland’s new Red Lake Ice Spoon Kit contains everything you need to tap the tannic water walleyes. $99.99 (21 pieces)

Northland Patch Hoodie (BLUE)

Northland Patch Hoodie

Like everything Northland brings to market, their logo-wear is topflight, too. Available in 4 sporty and earthy colors, the Patch Hoodie is 80/20 cotton and polyester blend, featuring side rib panels, raglan sleeves, front pouch, fleece lined hood, antique nickel eyelets, and relaxed fit. $54.99



ABOUT Northland® Fishing Tackle

In 1975, a young Northwoods fishing guide named John Peterson started pouring jigs and tying tackle for his clients in a small remote cabin in northern Minnesota. The lures were innovative, made with high quality components, and most importantly, were catching fish when no other baits were working! Word spread like wildfire, the phone started ringing… and the Northland Fishing Tackle® brand was in hot demand! For 40 years now, John and the Northland® team have been designing, testing and perfecting an exclusive line of products that catch fish like no other brand on the market today. Manufactured in the heart of Minnesota’s finest fishing waters, Northland® is one of the country’s leading producers of premium quality jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits and spoons for crappies, bluegills, perch, walleyes, bass, trout, northern pike and muskies.

ABOUT Bagley Bait Company

The personality of any company comes from its founder. Jim Bagley was an inventive, fun-loving, passionate fisherman who became one the most respected legends in the fishing tackle industry. In late 2010, Jarmo Rapala and a group of investors bought Bagley Bait Company. As an admirer of Jim Bagley for his attention to quality and of his product ingenuity and innovation, Jarmo initiated significant changes in operations, enhanced production processes and quality control. Now in 2020, Northland® Fishing Tackle, along with Jarmo as its Chief Lure Designer, maintain the legacy of creating premium balsa crankbaits and topwater lures, as well as jigs and spoons for both freshwater and saltwater anglers.


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