Power To Drive Ice Fishing Forward

NORSK Lithium 32AH 14.8V Charger Kit is designed to power today’s juice-hungry forward-facing sonar and live imaging ice machines

New Hope, Minn. (October 24, 2023) – Unless you’ve been hiding a rock, you’re aware of how live imaging sonar technology has changed the way anglers approach their sport. The “light and reliable” mechanical flashers utilized by ice fanatics that could run for days on a 7Ah lead acid battery are being replaced by power hungry 9” – 12” digital sonar units running live imaging transducers. The upside is this new technology allows anglers to be far more efficient when searching for their target species. Instead of being limited to a narrow sonar cone watching for fish directly below a hole, now anglers can scan wide swaths around a single hole and monitor fish location and movements in real time.

Of course, there’s always a downside to every advancement in technology. In the case of live imaging sonar, anglers have struggled to find a light, compact power solution for their Garmin LiveScope, Humminbird MEGA Live & MEGA 360, and Lowrance Active Target 1 & 2 live imaging sonar units that can require as much as 10-times more battery power than a mechanical flasher.

While fishing low-amp-draw flashers was pretty easy, today’s forward-facing sonar and live imaging units require vastly more power – and with that, battery quality/longevity/performance/amperage/voltage that supersedes the standard 12V- and 9AH lead acid batteries used with our Vexilar, MarCum, and Humminbird flashers for so many years.

Garmin LiveScope, Humminbird MEGA Live & MEGA 360, and Lowrance Active Target 1 & 2, require loads of juice to do what they were intended to do; namely, find fish with a unique transducer, black box, and large, bright, power-hungry HD screen and elaborate high-speed internal processing.

Good thing for this new portable power plant—the best thing going for contemporary ice fishing electronics: NORSK Lithium’s 32AH 16.8V lithium ice fishing battery with charger kit. When it comes to providing multiple-day runtime for digital sonar units running live imaging sonar, the NORSK Lithium 32Ah battery, weighing in at 4.8 lbs., is the undisputed king of portable sonar batteries.

NORSK Lithium CMO (and ice fishing fanatic), James Holst, observes: “For years, we used 7AH batteries in our mechanical and digital flashers, and later, 15AH batteries in portable ice graphs/GPS units like 5- and 7-inch Humminbird Helix models. However, over the past few years anglers have transitioned from those smaller units to larger 9-inch and bigger screens with MEGA Live, MEGA 360, LiveScope, and Active Target. Problem is, many anglers are still using the same batteries from their smaller units even though the power demands of this new technology is extreme in comparison to what was the norm just a few short years ago.”

Holst continues: “Your standard ice fishing flasher draws about a third of an amp, whereas a 10-inch graph running LiveScope draws around 2.5 amps. So, for anglers in-the-know, there’s a shift in power supply trends from 7, 7.5, 9, and 15Ah batteries to NORSK Lithium batteries offering unmatched runtime from an incredibly compact and lightweight power supply. For comparison sake, the 9Ah lead acid “brick” that would power a mechanical flasher for an entire weekend struggles to keep a 9-inch Helix with MEGA Live transducer powered up and functioning at peak performance for more than a few hours. The NORSK Lithium 32Ah will power the same setup for nearly 24 hours straight at full screen brightness. And apparently, a lot of ice anglers are converting to our 32AH 16.8V lithium ice fishing battery with charger kit, because it sold out completely in days when first introduced last winter.”

No worries though. If you need one this winter, NORSK has an ample supply. At least for the time being.


  • Battery Type: Lithium ION (NMC)
  • Rated Capacity: 32Ah
  • Working Voltage: 11.2-16.8V
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • Size: 5.94” (l) x 3.85” (w) x 3.70” (h)
  • Add’l Features: Onboard Battery Status Indicator & Dual USB Ports
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty

MSRP: $279.99


NORSK 32Ah dual USB ports allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the 21st century. Power your cell phone, GoPro, or nearly any USB-compatible device while your lithium battery powers your fish finder. Also ideal for use with NORSK Lithium’s common-sense ice fishing accessories including Bait Aerators and USB LED lights. The addition of two USB ports on the 32Ah battery from NORSK Lithium takes this battery to a whole new level of functionality and versatility other batteries simply don’t offer. With the dual USB ports, and a spare USB cable in your kit, you’ll never find yourself with a dead phone or without a way to power critical accessories like ice house lights or aerators.


The NORSK 32Ah lithium battery has an enormous runtime. But it will run out of juice eventually…

With the LED power indicator, you Know when it’s time for a recharge or if you’ve got enough power left to make it through another day on the ice. With the push of the Status button, the LED Power indicator will let you know how much power your lithium battery has left so you can hit the ice with confidence.


Lithium-ion (NMC) chemistry is the best choice for maximizing your ice-fishing experience. Many lithium batteries will use LiFePO4 in their ice-fishing applications. We also use LiFePO4. It’s excellent when used in the right application, such as marine deep cycle batteries. But it has a weight problem. When you’re looking to stay as mobile as possible on the ice, pounds and ounces matter, and no other chemistry packs more power into a smaller package than Lithium Ion (NMC).

Another advantage of Lithium Ion (NMC) chemistry is it can discharge at a higher voltage than lead acid or LiFePO4 batteries. With a voltage range of 11.2 – 16.8V, a NORSK Lithium 32Ah battery pumps out the current your power-hungry digital sonar with live imaging sonar unit craves, all while providing up to 20% longer runtimes than a LiFePO4 battery of the same capacity. The higher voltage will also provide a cleaner sonar signal which translates to clearer images on your sonar screen.


3A 16.8V Lithium-ion Battery Charger Included!

Compatible with 7A 16.8V Rapid Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

NOT compatible with other chargers!


Bait Aerators – keep your bait kicking so you can catch that trophy!

USB LED lights – light up your flip-over, hub, or permanent fish house and keep track of all your gear!



When it’s time to start catching fish and taking names, you want NORSK Lithium on your side. We aren’t some overseas battery manufacturer. We are open-water anglers and ice fishermen who traverse the U.S. and Canada chasing the best bites. We make the bone-jarring 50-mile run across big water. We live for the adrenaline rush of a 40-mile trek by snowmobile in the freezing cold just to snag the best ice fishing hits.

Our lithium batteries have been tested in the harshest conditions by the harshest critics – us. We push our lithium batteries to the limit because we crave the finest fishing experience possible. No angler should be thwarted by second-rate battery performance. You don’t need to settle for your grandpa’s technology.

Utilizing the super-efficient, unbeatable potency of lithium technology, NORSK Lithium batteries reduce cheap knock-offs to fancy paperweights. Every NORSK Lithium battery is built to endure. Our batteries outwork the competition every time.

Norsk Lithium powers your passion so you can chase adventure. We personally rely on these same batteries to power our pursuit of an exhilarating outdoor experience.

Our commitment to you is the same promise we make to ourselves – we will never cut corners, we will never stop improving our battery technology – and we will always take care of our customers after the sale.

Your story is our story. We have intentionally tethered our business’s success to our customers’ satisfaction. Including us. NORSK Lithium exists to power your passion for the great outdoors.


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