NEW Shield Series Turkey Vests From Blocker Outdoors Help Hunters Travel Light and Stack the Deck


Thunder Chicken and Torched Turkey vests keep calls and gear close at hand



Muskegon, MI (March 6, 2019) – After a long winter of waiting, the spring woods and fields suddenly come alive with the sounds of wild turkeys. For hunters, the adrenalin rush can’t be denied as that first gobbler of the season answers the call from across a field or nearby hillside. Now, it’s decision time. Stay put and aggressively chat-up a wise old Tom, or circle around to get a little closer where the soft sell of a light purr might reassure a love-struck long beard his hen awaits straight ahead?


Either way, it takes skills to outsmart one of the world’s sharpest game animals. From the time he’s hatched, the North American wild turkey is a target for predators. As a result, he’s equipped with unique defenses to stymie his foes… not the least of which are the two-legged variety clad in camouflage. His powerful legs can sprint at 25 miles per hour. His telescopic eyesight has a 270-degree field of view and is unmatched in the natural world; give a turkey the chance and he’ll see a hunter blink at 100 yards. To make matters even more challenging, turkeys are social creatures that seldom feed or travel alone, so hunters must often contend with multiple sets of these incredible eyes.




That’s where the new Shield Series Thunder Chicken and Torched Turkey Vests earn their keep. Lightweight, durable and affordable, they allow hunters to comfortably wait out a king Tom or make a move to intercept the flock. Both are designed to carry plenty of gear so it can be reached with a minimum of movement and effort, lowering the odds of being picked out by keen-eyed birds. Detachable seats make posting-up a breeze while a blaze orange safety flag alerts other hunters of your presence during walks in and out.


Weighing just 2.5 pounds, the Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest features more than 15 zippered pockets roomy enough to keep all essential gear within easy reach, including slate calls, box calls and strikers. An upper-back mesh panel keeps hunters cool and comfortable all day long while a detachable water-resistant seat cushion makes nestling into position a snap. Adjustable shoulder straps and a chest buckle ensure a true fit.


Even lighter, at 1.5 pounds, the Torched Turkey Vest offers seven pockets to carry along your most indispensable turkey hunting items and features adjustable buckles for front opening, and durable cotton/polyester Ripstop paired with breathable mesh for durability and comfort. A padded upper back and detachable seat with a no-slip bottom makes it easy to hold steady as the moment of truth draws near. Deed done, a large rear game bag makes the end game easy.





Shield Series Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest

  • Over 15 roomy pockets to keep all your essential gear close and accessible including slate calls, box calls and strikers
  • Detachable seat cushion with a water resistant bottom for all-day comfort
  • Upper back mesh panel keeps hunters cool and comfortable
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and chest buckle ensure a true fit
  • Blaze orange safety flag
  • Large rear game/decoy bag

Item No. 1082009 (MD/LG) and 1082009 (XL/2X )

MSRP: $99.99






Shield Series Torched Turkey Vest

  • Durable cotton/polyester Ripstop paired with breathable mesh for durability and comfort
  • Adjustable buckles for front opening
  • Several pockets designed for specifically for the turkey hunter
  • Padded upper back and detachable seat with a “no slip” bottom makes posting-up a snap
  • Large rear game/decoy bag
  • Blaze orange safety flag

Item No. 1082209 (MD/LG) and 1082209 (XL/2X)

MSRP: $49.99


Shield Series Thunder Chicken and Torched turkey vests are available in sizes MD/LG and XL/2S in Realtree Xtra Green (066).


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