Metal Detecting is Hot. Are You Missing Out?

Six reasons why hunting and fishing retailers and distributors should consider selling Minelab

Chicago, IL (June 8, 2022) – The Outdoor Retailer Summer Show is coming to Denver next week, reuniting brands, retailers, media, athletes, designers, industry leaders, and key stakeholders for business and important conversations. Some of those conversations will undoubtedly center on current economic conditions and resultant market concerns. The pandemic has been good to our industry, but how long will the good times last amidst historically high inflation and other economic pressures starting to impact retail sales?

Thankfully, history has proven hunting and fishing largely recession-proof activities. Like hunting and fishing, metal detecting and treasure hunting are enthusiast activities practiced in the great outdoors with a subsistence – or, more accurately, a reward – component. These activities are a natural fit to the lifestyles of those who already hunt and fish. Hunters and anglers also lose things when they’re in the field. Adding a metal detector to their arsenal of outdoor gear not only affords an exciting new pursuit, but it also helps them quickly recover commonly lost items like keys and tools. For these reasons, retailers of hunting and fishing gear already have potential metal-detecting customers in their stores and on their ecommerce sites, whether they realize it or not.

Minelab is the major world manufacturer of handheld metal detector products today. Adding Minelab products to your sales floor can capture increased sales from your existing clientele while bringing new customers into your store. Why choose Minelab? We’re glad you asked.

Minelab is the recognized technology leader, offering top-performing detectors across all price points. Our VANQUISH Series detectors feature Minelab Multi-IQ technology that makes it easy for detectorists to find all metals in all soils all the time – including those submerged in up to three feet of water – and start at an accessible retail price of just $199.00.

Minelab is easy to do business with, offering low minimum orders, generous margins, and free shipping on qualifying orders.

Minelab is delivering.

Minelab is centrally located in the Midwest. Most orders ship from our Chicago-area facility.

Minelab consistently introduces new products that attract both new and repeat buyers.

Minelab invests in speaking to the industry in order to keep its brand and products top-of-mind with consumers.

The Minelab Team will be at the OR Summer Show in booth #46011, supporting the industry and connecting with existing and prospective Minelab dealers. We hope you’ll stop by and chat with us about the specific needs of your business and how our products can help increase your revenues and profitability.

Of course, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you even if you aren’t coming to this year’s show. Become a Minelab dealer here or mail us at and one of our representatives will be in touch.




Minelab is an Australian, multi-award-winning business that has successfully scaled world markets to command global leadership in its key areas of operation. Based in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, with regional offices in Cork, Ireland; Dubai, UAE; Monterrey, Mexico; Itajai, Brazil; and Chicago, U.S.A., the company specializes in advanced electronic technologies. Since its origins in 1985, Minelab has been the world leader in providing metal-detecting technologies for gold prospecting, treasure hunting and landmine clearance. Through devotion to research and development and innovative design, Minelab is today the major world manufacturer of handheld metal detector products. Over the past 30 years, Minelab has introduced more innovative and practical technology than any of its competitors and has taken the metal detecting industry to new levels of excellence. Minelab is a Codan Limited company (ASX: “CDA”). To learn more about Minelab, visit


Josh Lantz

Traditions Media