St. Croix Trout Series:

Elevated Performance and Eight All-New Choices

St. Croix Rod exercises complete control so anglers can do the same 

PARK FALLS, Wisc. (June 18, 2021) – Different anglers have different passions. Just as a tournament bass angler wages his or her weekend wars with an arsenal of 12 or more rods rigged and ready for any conceivable presentation the conditions may demand, a self-described trout bum demands a rack of versatile, high-performance rod options.

Consider St. Croix’s popular Trout Series. Introduced in 2013, the light-line centric collection answered the call of passionate anglers demanding rod choices designed with the lengths, powers, and actions that combine to support unique trout presentations with St. Croix performance at a great value.

For 2022, St. Croix has improved and expanded its popular Trout Series, making them stronger, lighter, and more comfortable, while adding new lengths, powers and actions that support an even wider range of trout techniques.

St. Croix Trout Series rod blanks are now crafted from a new formulation of premium SCII carbon that increases flexural strength while reducing weight, combined with strategically placed super-high-modulus SCVI carbon fiber reinforcements, providing the basis for crisp actions, improved strength and durability, and lightweight sensitivity. These new rods are made even stronger with the addition St. Croix’s Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology, which combines a fortified super resin with computer-operated curing ovens that provide improved temperature and time management through all stages of the critical curing cycle. This prevents micro-buckling of individual carbon fibers by keeping them in proper alignment.

Thanks to the new SCII material with FRS, Trout Series rods are now lighter and more durable than before. Anglers will also notice that new Trout Series rods feel better balanced and more sensitive, with carefully crafted new handle designs, reel seats and guide trains.

New Trout Series rods receive all-new Sea Guide® Atlas Performance guides with stainless steel rings and frames and a PVD coated tip top. These are lightweight, durable, and trouble-free guide trains designed to maximize performance in light-line applications, while minimizing noise and disruption from knotted-line rigs used in many trout presentations. They also wear durable and slim, Sea Guide NPS reel seats with an integrated rear nut – a design component proven to excel in supporting micro techniques on St. Croix Legend Black Ice and Premier Ice rods.

New, light-line-centric Trout Series rods now feature split-grip handle configurations crafted from comfortable, lightweight, and durable EVA. “The premium EVA material we selected for the new Trout Series perfectly complements their new split-grip handle designs,” says St. Croix Product Manager, Ryan Teach. “Balance and control are the keys to making accurate finesse presentations to selective trout, and both are enhanced by the design and materials of these new handles.”

A stealthy new Ebony Twilight color completes the Trout Series’ aesthetic transformation and will resonate with trout anglers who need to fly under the radar in clear-water intimate-stream settings.

New St. Croix Trout Series Features

  • 14 one-, two-, and three-piece spinning models optimized for a complete range of light-line trout presentations
  • New formulation of SCII carbon combined with SCVI carbon, matched with Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology offering maximum power and strength with reduced blank weight
  • Sea Guide® Atlas Performance guides with stainless steel rings and frames; PVD coated tip-top
  • Sea Guide® NPS reel seat with integrated rear nut
  • Split grip handle configurations with premium EVA handle materials
  • Ebony Twilight color
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Built to provide superior performance for trout-specific anglers globally
  • Designed in Park Falls, U.S.A. and handcrafted in Fresnillo, Mexico
  • Retail price $115 to $180

All-New Trout Series Models

St. Croix’s refined Trout Series grows by eight to include a total of 14 spinning models for 2022, including two, all-new three-piece Trout Pack models (TFS66MLXF3 and TFS73MLXF3), two all-new light-power models (TFS510LF and TFS66LF2), three all-new medium-light power choices (TFS66MLXF2, TFS66MLF2, and TFS69MLXF2), and an all-new medium power model (TFS70MXF2).

“Our expanded Trout Series brings an array of lengths, powers, and specific actions to anglers looking for sensitivity, controlled performance and casting accuracy with a range of light lures, from inline spinners to crankbaits to single egg imitations,” says Teach. “Casting accuracy is supreme with all of these highly controllable rods, and we’re offering an unprecedented range of choices for anglers to match to the specific conditions and presentations they encounter.”

All Trout Series rods feature fast or extra-fast actions for accurate casting with light baits and are stronger and more durable than ever with no increase in weight. Powers range from ultra-light to medium, giving trout anglers crisp performance with ample backbone to control big trout on light line. New models for 2022 focus primarily on an expanded offering of versatile two- and three-piece selections.

“Our new three-piece Trout Pack spinning models are handcrafted for one-piece performance and allow adventurous trout anglers to get in and out of remote locations and streams,” continues Teach. “They feature slender profile split grip configurations and – like our two-piece models – use slim ferrule connections to marry multi-piece convenience with one-piece performance.”

St. Croix Trout Series Models

  • TFS410ULF – 4’10”, ultra-light power, fast action spinning / Retail $115
  • TFS54ULF – 5’4”, ultra-light power, fast action spinning / Retail $125
  • TFS56ULF2 – 5’6”, ultra-light power, fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $135
  • TFS510LF* – 5’10”, light power, fast action spinning / Retail $135
  • TFS60ULF2 – 6’0”, ultra-light power, fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $145
  • TFS64LF2 – 6’4”, light power, fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $145
  • TFS66LF2* – 6’6”, light power, fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $145
  • TFS66MLXF2* – 6’6”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $145
  • TFS66MLXF3* – 6’6”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, 3-piece spinning / Retail $170
  • TFS66MLF2* – 6’6”, medium-light power, fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $145
  • TFS69MLXF2* – 6’9”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $145
  • TFS70LXF2 – 7’0”, light power, extra-fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $155
  • TFS73MLXF3* – 7’3”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, 3-piece spinning / Retail $180
  • TFS70MXF2* – 7’0”, medium power, extra-fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $155

*All-new model

St. Croix’s Trout Series gives today’s passionate anglers unique, high-performance rod choices, handcrafted to support diverse trout presentations with St. Croix performance at an exceptional value. New Trout Series rods are stronger, lighter, more comfortable, and better looking than ever, while including new lengths, powers and actions that support an even wider range of eastern and western trout techniques. New Trout Series rods are being introduced at ICAST 2021 and are expected to be available for purchase at St. Croix dealers worldwide this fall.


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About St. Croix Rod

Headquartered in Park Falls, Wisconsin, St. Croix has been proudly producing the “Best Rods on Earth” for over 70 years. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with skilled craftsmanship, St. Croix is the only major producer to still build rods entirely from design through manufacturing. The company remains family-owned and operates duplicate manufacturing facilities in Park Falls and Fresnillo, Mexico. With popular trademarked series such as Legend®, Legend Xtreme®, Avid®, Premier®, Imperial®, Triumph® and Mojo, St. Croix is revered by all types of anglers from around the world.


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