Muskie by Another Name is a Musky

DAIWA’s new PROREX LW LC sports a direct-drive line counter for maximum trolling control. 

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA (December 11, 2023) – Spell it “muskie” or “musky”. DAIWA doesn’t care. But what the leader in big-game rods and reels does concern itself with is proudly providing the best gear for the job. And this commitment is evident again in DAIWA’s new PROREX Level Wind (LW) Line Counter (LC) predator fish trolling reel.

Muskie trolling isn’t anything new, but certainly gaining in popularity. Why? Covering water. You won’t find mobs of muskies in tight schools, which means you’re in perpetual search mode. They’re isolationists, too, individual fish often staking claim to select areas. And, muskies are most common in large lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, requiring an exploratory approach, like trolling.

DAIWA’s new PROREX LD LC is up to the task. Built like a warhorse and available in two sizes, PROREX LD LC is framed in lasting aluminum, to include the sideplates. A handle-side star-drag imposes tension with DAIWA’s signature Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD), while an easily thumbed clutch gets you in and out of free-spool.

The reel’s machined aluminum spool gobbles up and softly releases line. For most applications, DAIWA recommends 80- to 100-lb J-Braid Grand x8, finished with 50- to 80-lb J-Fluoro leader material.

Finally, the PROREX LW LC features a Direct Drive Built-in Line Counter. Get bit, check the digits, and replicate the distance for a rinse and repeat.

The PROEX LW LC pairs well with 8- to 9-foot muskie trolling rods, like DAIWA’s PROREX series of rods.

PROREX LW LC is just one more step DAIWA is taking to our strong commitment to the muskie market, providing the best and most specialized products on the market.


  • Direct Drive Built-in Line Counter
  • Aluminum Frame and Sideplate
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD)
  • Machined Aluminum Spool
  • Round EVA Ball Knob
  • Spool Click
  • 4BB, 1RB
  • 6.1:1 gear ratio (PRXLW30LCH) and 6.4:1 gear ratio (PRXLW40LCH)
  • Line take-up per turn 34.4-inch (PRXLW30LCH) and 43.8-inch (PRXLW40LCH)

MSRP’s $239.99 (PRXLW30LCH) and $249.99 (PRXLW40LCH)

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