Daiwa Scores Editor’s Choice Award

The Best Tatula Yet? The TATULA SV TW103 Baitcaster is a Worthy Baitfinesse Option

Cypress, CA (March 17, 2020) – Of the various accolades a new product can receive, one of the highest distinctions is an Editor’s Choice Award from powerhouse Along those lines, editors recently reached out with the end of their in-depth trials on Daiwa’s new smaller size TATULA SV TW103 baitcaster, a reel only recently introduced to the masses at the 50th Bassmaster Classic in Guntersville, Alabama. had several months prior to the actual launch to take a closer look at this lighter, more refined, baitcasting reel. Their initial opinions were high, based on both extensive examination of the reel in the lab and use on the water:

“A whole lot of Tatula: The Tatula has become the dominant series of baitcasters for Daiwa, a position once occupied by the more expensive Zillions, as the moderately priced reels have continued to improve and make use of features once reserved for the company’s higher-end reels. Prior to the introduction of the new Tatula SV TW103 there were already seven other Tatula reels (Tatula CT, Tatula 100, Tatula 150, Tatula 150, Tatula 200, Tatula SV TW, Tatula Elite, Tatula Elite P/F), and just when anglers thought there were plenty of options out there Daiwa dropped the new SV TW103, their smallest and lightest SV equipped reel yet.”—

“Weight reduction was a priority when Daiwa designed the new reel and this Tatula weighs in at only 6.7 ounces, which is .2oz. lighter than the current Tatula 100 reels, and exactly the same as the more expensive Tatula Elite.” –

Among their real-world testing, subjected the new Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 to fishing lightweight plastics, as well as observing how well it handled reaction baits. In terms of casting, they made the following observation: “What makes the new reel unique is that not only is it light but it designed to cast better with the implementation of Daiwa’s patented SV Spool and Airbreak technology, which is basically a dual casting system that works together to minimize backlashes and deliver improved casts through the integration of both magnetic braking and centrifugal braking systems. The new Tatula casts almost identical to other reels in the family when it came to launching reaction baits, and pretty much anything 1/2oz. and heavier. It is when using lighter lines and casting smaller, and lighter baits like tiny jigs, weightless plastics, or a tiny Ned Rig that the reel really shines.”

Much of this credit goes to the reel’s SV spool, in their words “is nothing new, but it is proven, and the quick startup combined with the air brake system helps control casts with even the lightest of baits.”

But that’s not all… Daiwa’s Zero Adjuster spool let’s anglers finely tune the spool tension while the T-Wing System level-wind opens up line feed, working together to cast longer, more accurately, and provide stress-free control when chunking into the wind, skipping baits or casting light lures. testers also found the retrieve exceptional on the new model. “Today’s Tatula Series reels continue to up the ante when it comes to performance, and refinement, and reels like the latest version are even as smooth as previous generation Zillions. The well-designed aluminum frame locks the master gearing in place while the bearings help deliver a smooth overall retrieve. Our test reel featured a 7.1:1 retrieve and even when continuous cranking with long lipped deep divers like the River2Sea Tactical DD crank we never experienced any lack of power, or gear bind whatsoever.”

In terms of drag,’s lab discovered it conservatively rated at 13.2lbs. of drag pressure, and realistically able to surpass that under full lockdown where it delivered 13.8lbs of maximum pressure.

Ergonomics and comfort are also enhanced with the reel’s smaller, low-profile design and Soft Touch handle knobs. The SV TWS103’s immaculate innerworkings are housed in an aluminum frame and chassis, too, giving the reel strength, rigidity and smooth performance.

When it comes to price and applications, testers believe the reel is in many ways a better reel than many previous Tatulas, the main reason being “the inclusion of the 32mm A7075 SV spool which delivers an improved balance of weight and strength thanks to the super Duralumin construction. Add this in with the dual cast control system and you have a legitimate bait-finesse option, and yet when it comes time to pull those fish away from cover, the reel’s souped up UTD drag is certainly up to the challenge.”

Ultimately, they believe the reel will be a worthy and viable option for bass anglers. “The Tatula Series is already full of good options, but the new Tatula SV TW 103 might very well represent the sweet spot for mainstream anglers, as it delivers exceptional casting on both sides of the range, and with a retail price of $199, it falls right inline with the original larger SV Tatula Series and just below Tatula Elite Series reels.”

The 100 size Tatula SV is available in Standard (6.3:1), High Speed (7.3:1) and Hyper Speed (8.1:1). And all gear ratios come in both left- and right-hand models.

When you’re considering a small, lightweight and palmable baitcaster, look no further than Daiwa’s new TATULA SV TW103…a reel that is set to redefine baitcasting. For more in-depth analysis of the reel by’s testers, please visit here.

TATULA SV TW103 Features:

  • 32mm A7075 SV Spool
  • Featherweight 6.7-ounces
  • UTD Drag
  • Zero Adjuster
  • T-Wing System
  • Redesigned Soft Touch Handle Knobs
  • Aluminum Frame for strength, rigidity and smooth performance
  • A light line baitcaster well suited for finesse applications
  • Matte Black Finish with Custom Spider Graphics
  • Available Gear Ratios (6.3:1) (7.1:1) (8.1:1)

MSRP $199.99

TATULA SV TW103 Exclusive Technologies:

  • T-Wing Systems
  • SV Spool
  • Swept Handle
  • Air Brake Technology
  • Zero Adjuster Spool

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