Super Light Jigging

DAIWA’s new Harrier SLG (Super Light Jigging) rods target reef fish and much more.

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA (November 2, 2023) – Growing in popularity among saltwater anglers, lighter weight and action jigging tackle is proving to be a highly effective technique to target a wide assortment of saltwater species. DAIWA now provides the needed rods for this specialized technique with its new Harrier SLJ spinning rods, with four 6’10” models to optimally handle jigs from 20- to 100-grams.

The series includes the ultralight power model (HRSLJ610ULS) rated for use with up to 20-pound braid and jigs up to 45-grams; a light power (HRSLS610LS) rod also for up to 20-pound braid and up to 60-gram jigs; and both for use with up to 30-pound, a medium-light power (HRSLJ610MLS) for jigs up to 80-grams and a medium power (HRSLJ610MS) for jigs up to 100-grams.

With the Harrier SLJ rods lightweight thin blank featuring a strong background and an extra-sensitive tip, anglers using the rapid rod movement and fast retrieves can finesse their jigs to entice exciting fish strikes. The rods rely on DAIWA’s HVF NANOPLUS carbon technology to reinforce the blank through a micro-level arrangement of material in the plastic resin, creating a smaller, lighter, and rigid yet powerful blank with impressive fish-stopping power despite the size.

The X-45 Bias Construction has greater strength and prevents twisting and ovalization. If the blank maintains hoop strength under load, it is much more powerful for its size. They all feature Tangle Free Fuji K-Guides.

“Anglers on both coasts and Gulf waters can target grouper, snapper, kingfish, tuna, and all kinds of shallow species with DAIWA’s jigging system approach,” said DAIWA’s saltwater fishing expert Marc Mills. “We suggest you match up the Harrier SLJ rod with either DAIWA Saltist MQ or BG MQ 3000 to 5000 size saltwater spinning reel, spool them up with 10- to 20-pound J-Fluro fluorocarbon leader and 20- to 30-pound J-Braid, and then select any of our 20- to 100-gram including our new KO and BULL STEEL jigs and you’ll be ready for some great fishing excitement.”

The new Harrier SLJ rods join DAIWA’s expanding Harrier jig rod lineup, which also includes the slow-pitch jig rods for jigs up to 500-grams, the Harrier-X series for jigs from 50- to 250-grams, and plus a value-price Harrier series constructed with slim profile graphic composite blanks for jigs from 40- to 180-grams.


  • HVF NANOPLUS uses nano resin control technology in the blank construction process for increased graphite density within the blank
  • SPLIT GRIP has an exposed blank section between the reel seat and the end of the rod for better casting and rod control
  • X45 technology eliminates blank twist and increases power
  • X45 technology radically improves rod strength, durability, and sensitivity
  • Tangle Free Fuji K-Guides maintain hoop strength under load
  • 4 spinning models available

MSRP $199.99


Lightweight, smooth, durable, and sexy, the entire Saltist MQ series features DAIWA’s ground-breaking MQ (monocoque) construction, allowing extra power to be packed inside an exceptionally rugged, corrosion resistant frame.

Serious anglers are absolutely thrilled with how much advanced technology DAIWA has jammed into its Saltist MQ line. Superior strength and more power are great edges when battling trophy fish, but to really stand the test, reels need to operate smoothly and precisely, stand-up to repeated saltwater dousing, and take a beating day after day and trip after trip. DAIWA has built a stronger, lighter, and more durable higher-end spinning reel at a reasonable price.

In addition to the one-piece anodized aluminum MQ body, these reels feature a Magsealed shaft, Zaion Air Rotor and Air Bail, tough Digigear technology, waterproof Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD), and a round decorative but very functional machined aluminum knob handle, all refined and polished under the watchful eyes of the DAIWA team.

Sizes range from 2500 to 20000. MSRP is $299.99

For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to: The URL for Daiwa’s web site is


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