Whitewater Becomes Gold Supporting Partner of NPAA

New fishing apparel brand pledges support to issues of importance to professional anglers, and to the organization working on their behalf

MUSKEGON, Mich. (May 25, 2022) – Mother Nature’s unpredictability comes in waves. Headquartered in Western Michigan, Whitewater makes performance fishing apparel that gives anglers the confidence to combat and overcome Mother nature’s challenges so they can enjoy better fishing experiences.

Equally unpredictable are the myriad issues that threaten the health of recreational sportfishing and those who make a living there.

“The National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) exists to protect and advocate for the common interests of its nearly 1,400 members who make some or all of their income from sportfishing,” says NPAA Executive Director, Pat Neu. “Our diverse and growing ranks of fishing guides, charter captains, tournament anglers, fishing promoters, communicators, educators, marketing and sales representatives, biologists, conservationists and other fishing-industry professionals receive NPAA support and benefits through a variety of channels, including ongoing lobbying efforts that protect and advance sportfishing opportunities.”

Delivering meaningful and valuable benefits in such wide scope requires significant support. Thankfully, hundreds of companies and organizations help advance the NPAA, its mission and initiatives through NPAA partnership programs.

“Whitewater is proud to be one of those companies,” says Nexus Outdoors President, avid angler and long-time NPAA member, Aaron Ambur, referring to Whitewater’s recent Gold Supporting Membership with the NPAA. “Our well-known ScentLok and Blocker Outdoors brands have provided distinct advantages to hunters for many years, and our team has always believed in the critical importance of supporting the organizations and causes that do the most for hunting and conservation. Now that we’ve launched our new Whitewater apparel brand, we’re pledging the highest level of support to the NPAA because of the meaningful work it does – not only for those individuals making a living in the fishing industry, but for the important work it does on the ground that helps ensure more people can enjoy more and better sportfishing opportunities, now and in the future.”

Whether faced with wind, rain, snow, sun, or extreme temperatures, Whitewater performance apparel equips anglers with the ability to overcome the elements, so they apply their focus and energies on fighting fish, not the conditions.

“Where I fish most, here in the Great Lakes Region, the conditions can be brutal, extreme, unpredictable and changeable.” Ambur says. “Our expanding line of new Whitewater fishing apparel is giving anglers a new toolkit of versatile, technical apparel pieces that help them brave the waves of challenges that Mother Nature throws at them, ultimately delivering more comfort so they can fish longer, more often, and earn more success.”

Both Ambur and Neu agree that the cultivation and support of young anglers is critical to the sportfishing industry’s future. Ambur says his team is finalizing and preparing to announce the details of a scholastic program that will make Whitewater apparel available to high school and collegiate anglers at a significant discount. Meanwhile, Neu, the NPAA, and its members continue to organize and conduct over 100 Future Angler clinics and events on average each year, helping to ignite the angling passions of an estimated 15,000 young people nationwide since 2019.