The Apex in Hardcore Fishing Wear

Best fabrics and components, intelligent design, and brutal testing lead to Whitewater Fishing’s Great Lakes™ Pro Jacket and Bibs.

MUSKEGON, Mich. (March 13, 2024) – You don’t hear much about the field testing that goes into bringing products to market. It’s either buried as a footnote in a new product release or not mentioned at all. (Shamefully, consumers conduct final testing on some products being rushed to market.) The polar-opposite is true when NEXUS Outdoors and Whitewater Fishing president, Aaron Ambur, was queried about the new Great Lakes Pro Jacket and Bibs. He begins by plugging the field testing.

“We tested sample after sample of the Great Lakes Pro with real anglers and our pro staff to get it right. They’d provide feedback and we’d make tweaks. In fact, the final design was tested on the water for 60-days before we were convinced it was perfect. When you are at this level of precision, it is all about the small details.”

Even though recent to the scene, Whitewater Fishing represents a 100-year heritage of developing premium apparel for the outdoors, all products rigorously tested in the woods or on the water.



“The new Great Lakes Pro is our most technically designed and fabricated rain jacket and bib so far,” says Ambur. “For the angler who wants that one suit that will do it all during midwinter on the river, full-on ice fishing, or spring and fall fishing anywhere for anything, this is the suit.”

“In a couple words: it’s clean and streamlined,” says Ambur. “And you get a level of stretch unprecedented in a 3-layer suit, while still being lightweight, durable, and athletic in form and function. The Great Lakes Pro Jacket and Bib is our team’s two-year product development effort designing the ultimate foul-weather fishing suit for hardcore anglers.”

The centerpiece of the suit is Whitewater’s durable and proprietary 3-layer design, which consists of an exterior fabric, laminate, and light internal fabric layer. The deluxe 3-layer fabric earned Great Lakes Pro a 20k waterproof rating, meaning the fabric can endure 20,000 mm (ANSI standards) of water before any moisture gets through – that’s extreme waterproofing. (For reference, a 5,000 mm rating is the lowest a garment can have to be considered rainproof.) Moreover, the same 3-layer fabric is windproof, to keep you warm on cold, wind-cutting days. Combined, it’s battle armor for the wickedest weather.

Likewise, the Great Lakes Pro is remarkably breathable. Again, Whitewater being driven by honest numbers, the suit’s breathability rates 30,000g/m² – an exceptional rank. On the water, that means the Great Lakes Pro lets moisture escape while relentlessly keeping wind and water out. By moving body generated moisture out, you will not hold onto your sweat, which can be the starting point for getting cold.

“From the first days of spraying Camp Dry on everything to what’s happening today, I’ve been there,” said Ambur, who has 30 years the outdoors soft goods industry, knowing industry guidelines, specifications, and ratings like the back of his hand. “With the Great Lakes Pro, I was beta testing our first production samples in long, cold showers at home. My wife thought I was crazy. But I wanted to find out if we were really getting it right before any of our pros took it out on the ice and water. Not to mention all the on-water days our external group of Whitewater Pros had testing and beating up the suit to ensure we were ready for launch.”

Ambur continues: “All I can say is we got it right, and it’s our own special sauce, unlike anything competitors are doing with waterproofing and functional design engineering.”


Part of that functional design equation is solving for maximum mobility, yet not sacrificing on durability, which is delivered with the Great Lakes Pro’s poly/spandex 4-way stretch shell. The first generation of extreme weather outerwear entered the fishing scene in the 1990’s. Although many suits were indeed waterproof, they draped over your body like a heavy tarp and constructed like a one-ton truck. Movement was severely restricted. You’d literally get tired fishing in it, your body struggling against the suit’s resistance. Inversely, Whitewater’s 4-way stretch fabric moves with you on every cast, kneel, and across the deck, remaining comfortable all day long. Today, mobility is key and the Great Lakes Pro delivers.

Additionally, precision fabric cuts work in concert with the 4-way stretch fabric to advance range of motion, every cut stitched and taped for waterproofness and durability.

Great Lakes Pro JACKET:

Smart and specialized features adorn every inch of the Great Lakes Pro Jacket. Leading the pack is a higher hood collar that extends just below the nose, so when anglers are running full-tilt to spots down lake, the water and wind doesn’t hit their face. Several professional bass and walleye anglers asked for this unique feature.

The jacket’s three-piece hood is also equipped with multiple adjustment points and a stiff brim. Critical to keeping wind and water out, anglers can customize the hood’s fit to form a facial fortress.

No quality was spared when Whitewater selected zippers, either. The jacket sports an AquaGuard® Waterproof two-way main zipper. A pair of hand pockets, chest pocket, and inside pocket are also sealed and opened with AquaGuard two-way zippers.

Other elements include hook and loop cuff adjustments on the sleeves, reflective material for safety, D-Rings thoughtfully positioned for a kill-switch and trolling motor FOB, and cinch at the bottom hem for customizing fit.

Great Lakes Pro BIB:

The Great Lakes Pro Bibs are equally intellectualized for fishing. First, you’ll appreciate the comfortable and easily adjustable shoulder straps. A key detail being the addition of silicon grip to keep the straps on your shoulders, not slipping down your arms.

At the waist, a pair of high strength, molded hook and loop adjusters can be tightened above your hips to further personalize fit. Bringing the waist in reduces pull on your shoulders and accentuates range of motion.

The same AquaGuard two-way zippers advance performance of the bibs, including the main zipper, six storage pockets, and legs. The function of the leg zippers was well conceived, too, as they open all the way to the waist, offering easy on and off, even with footwear.

Further accoutrements include adjustments at the bottom hem to accommodate a range of footwear, D-Rings thoughtfully positioned for a kill-switch and trolling motor FOB, and reflective tape for visibility.

Whether you’re climbing the ladder of quality in raingear, or want to start with the best, Whitewater’s new Great Lakes Pro Jacket and Bibs will prove you made a great choice.

Great Lake Pro JACKET Features:

  • Adjustable 3-piece hood and stiff brim to block rain
  • High collar for extra protection and adjustments
  • AquaGuard® Waterproof two-way main zipper
  • Waterproof/windproof breathable 30k/20k lamination and taped seams
  • Durable 3 layer design, stretch poly/spandex shell and polyester lining
  • 4 AquaGuard® Waterproof zippered external pockets and 1 interior pocket
  • 2 Sewn-in D-rings
  • Adjustable hook and loop cuffs and adjustable waist
  • Reflective logo tape for visibility
  • Colors: Shade and Black
  • Sizes S-3XL

MSRP $349.99

Great Lakes Pro BIBS Features:

  • Adjustable suspenders with silicone grip
  • Waterproof/windproof breathable 30k/20k lamination and taped seams
  • Durable 3 layer design, stretch poly/spandex shell and polyester lining
  • AquaGuard® Waterproof two-way main zipper
  • Dual high-strength molded waist adjusters
  • 2 Sewn-in D-rings
  • 6 AquaGuard® Waterproof zippered pockets (2 chest, 2 waist, and 2 thigh)
  • AquaGuard® Waterproof waist-high leg zippers
  • Hook and loop cuff adjustments
  • Reflective tape for visibility
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes S-3XL

MSRP $349.99

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