Lexa WN 300

Daiwa Introduces New Lexa-WN for Big Fish Hunters

New Lexa-WN brings improved features and performance to expanded low-profile reel offerings

Cypress, CA (May 12, 2020) – Delivering all the power and performance that anglers have come to expect from the Lexa Series, the recently introduced Daiwa Lexa WN 300 and 400 casting reels offer even more comfort and control with the addition of custom Winn Grip handles, and much more. Built to handle just about anything – from bass to muskies to redfish and tuna – the Daiwa Lexa WN 300 and 400 casting reels utilize Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) that outputs 22 lbs. (300 Size), 25 lbs. (400 Size) of maximum drag, yielding anglers true stopping power.

On the freshwater side, avid bass anglers can employ the new Lexa-WN to throw big swimbaits, A-rigs, and outsized deep-diving crankbaits. Likewise, muskie anglers are using the reel on big fish quests, while its exceptional performance has been discovered by Great Lakes salmon and trout chasers.

Lexa WN 300

Saltwater anglers are equally as impressed. West coast anglers are using the reel to throw big swimbaits, sardines, and poppers, while east coast anglers are cranking the Lexa-WN on stripers, as well as mighty redfish and snook.

A major upgrade to the Lexa-WN is the improved clutch system, which greatly diminishes locking, making easier and better for throwing large baits; it will not drop into gear, unlike many low-profile reels. This is especially helpful for muskie fishermen throwing big Cowgirls, spinners, and big topwaters that are especially heavy. The weight of the lures themselves can impart wear and tear on inferior clutch systems. Its brilliant design combined with robust springs in the clutch prevent dropping into gear mid-cast, which can lead to snapping off expensive baits.

Improvements have also been made to the star drag knob with a move toward graphite, making the Lexa-WN more comfortable when you tighten down the drag. The 300 size outputs approximately 22 lbs. of maximum drag while the 400 size outputs 25 lbs. of drag.

Lexa WN 400

Additionally, the new Lexa-WN family comes complete with two (CRBB) corrosion-resistant ball bearings, four stainless-steel shielded standard ball bearings and a one-way roller bearing.

The cosmetics have been elevated as well. These new models are finished in a smooth and refined gray.

Daiwa’s Lexa-LN is available in a multitude of gear ratios, from 5:1 to 6.3:1 to a 7.1:1, accommodating multitudes of species and applications, including the size of bait in play.

“The new Lexa-WN is part of a great growing category of reels,” says Marc Mills, Daiwa Field Marketing Manager. “Just when we thought it’s tapped out; a new fishery pops up that’s ideal for the reels. We are even seeing them utilized on the Great Lakes for trolling, versus conventional round reels. The fact is, the Lexa-WN is the ideal reel for big fish, and with the design improvements, it’s quickly becoming a favorite with anglers coast to coast.”

Lexa WN 400

LEXA WN Features:

  • Aluminum frame and side-plate handle side
  • Magforce cast control
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD)
  • Winn Grip Handle Knob
  • Heavy Cranking Power Handle
  • Double Power Handle
  • Ergonomically Palmable

MSRP $199/$249

Lexa WN 400

For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to: The URL for Daiwa’s web site is


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